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The Lull of Summer

Little Sproutling is too sleepy for beach time fun…

Ahh, summertime. The sneaky creep of hot weather and lazy days is among us. Or is it…?

It’s the summer lull that’s been knawing away at my mind, knowing that expansions and new releases are abound and on the horizon. So close…yet so far. On first glance, the chanced sightings of friends and guildmates online have been slim: WoW seems like a barren wasteland nowadays, with guild members online in the zero-to-single digits, and friends logged onto other games. And even in said other games (I’m looking at you, Diablo 3) friends are progressed into Nightmare-Hell modes, and some even Inferno — far beyond where I’m still lurking, in the early Acts on Normal.

I suppose this is where I feel a bit wistful. I wish I didn’t always feel as if I were far behind everyone, but at the same time the last month has been all-around tasking with work and my slow transition into the next phase of my life/career, moving from research to secondary education.  A classic case of real life “getting in the way” of the fantasy escape. (…it’s been nearly a month since D3 released? Geez, I am behind the times!)

I think these are the questions I always find myself asking:

Did I find happiness, having followed my priorities? Or is there some way I could have managed my time to have squeezed in more gaming?

The answer should be simple. It should be a given that I’m satisfied, maybe proud even, that I’ve been so focused on the next stage of my life and career. When I received my acceptance letter to the teacher residency program I interviewed for, it was surely an “Achievement Unlocked!” moment. And I felt that way again, after I started back on my routine of jogging 4 miles a day. But I couldn’t help but feel selfish at the same time. Maybe I felt like I ditched my friends, guildmates, or even characters. Maybe I missed the structure and set-paced schedule of progression raiding. Maybe I just miss playing hours on end and devoting more time to a hobby I love. Maybe I even felt guilty for playing so little of something I’ve paid for. Or maybe in the end, it’s a kind of withdrawal syndrome.

But back to finding the happy medium. I think the dissatisfaction of being perpetually “behind” stems from the social aspect of these games. Seeing friends take down fantastically designed bosses in D3 has me longing to be there alongside them. It’s hardly so much that spoilers are everywhere I look, but the fact that I take delight in viewing said spoilers is the double-edged sword that has me yearning to catch up to everyone and stop trailing behind everyone. I think this is something I need to discover and remind myself; to be perfectly okay in being slow in progress, but to remember to set aside some game time into my schedule as well. I’ve had laughs with a close friend about planning out “when to work on what” in various games in my agenda, but I think it’s not too far out there. I’ll keep trying to squeeze in time every day, but I’m doubtful of returning to the times where I’d have solid blocks of hours to grind. Oh, how I’ll reminisce those good old days of spending hours and hours with friends doing silly things.

On a positive note, I guess for now the summer lull is a hidden gift. While people may be burning out on end-of-expansion boredom and looking to other games, I’ll take the chance to explore things slowly at my own speed — explore every nook and cranny of maps and crack open every barrel and chest, without anyone to pressure me to “hurry and catch up!” It’s also perhaps a perfect time to squeeze in time to work on my WoW Ironman Challenge, since I won’t be leveling like crazy to hit 90 and then the ever antagonizing grind for gear…yet. So I should probably get on that, yes. Until next time…

The Reverse Bucket List

I saw this topic going about on a few people’s blogs — namely Bravetank, Goetia, and Lyrestra and thought I’d also give it a go. This “reverse bucket list” was actually kind of a toughie for me. During the time I’ve played, I’ve tried to dabble a little bit in everything possible. It’s hard for me to think of things I’ve never done or not even just tried! Even still, my real bucket list is still massive and never ending. I guess that’s what makes WoW so addictive to me — there’s always something to do, or some goal to aim for!

Here are some miscellaneous things that I haven’t done (and unlikely anytime soon):

  1. Attempted the Kaluak Fishing Derby or Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza. The competition on my server is pretty nuts, and apart from doing this to complete the meta achievement for the Salty title, I don’t see much of a point in doing so.
  2. Leveled a warrior past Lv25. My current one is at 21. I enjoy tanking, but I can’t seem to get myself too excited about playing the class because it seems so slow to me. I keep hoping it’ll be more fun higher-level, but I just can’t motivate myself to level at all to begin with.
  3. Set foot in Ruby Sanctum or Throne of the Four Winds. These are the only two raids I’ve never completed or even attempted. RS was released while I was on my long hiatus, so I never got to see its notorious “filler” content. I came back from my break to play Cata when Firelands was out, so TotFW was no longer a priority in my guild’s progression, and my guild leader wasn’t too keen on re-visiting T11 content (much to my dismay…although I did clear BoT and BWD eventually on my own through PuGs.)
  4. Tanked on my death knight. Though she raided a bit as dps during Wrath, I haven’t played her at all this expansion except for bank/farming. She’s not a priority character now. Plus, one of my best buds played a DK tank so there was never a real need for me to play one with him around!
  5. Leveled Leatherworking past Artisan. It’s the last primary profession I have yet to level to at least Grand Master, and for some reason it always seemed more tedious to me to skin mobs for leather than to farm herbs/mine for ore.
  6. NOT gotten lost in Gnomeregan. I don’t mean in LFD when everyone shoots for the short route, where you jump onto the gear and skip half of the original dungeon. In the years to come, if I’m still playing, you can guarantee that I’ll still have not learned my way around the evil that is Gnomer. I just don’t want to be there!
  7. Run through revamped Heroic Shadowfang Keep or The Deadmines. My timing in coming back to Cata was pretty weird, so I was met with a ton of H-ZG/ZA farming since they were the only ones that gave the extra valor to meet cap per week. I never once got SFK/VC on random heroic dungeon and didn’t bother enough to queue for those specifically.
  8. Started the questline for Netherwing rep. I’ve done my fair share of rep grinds (ie: Sporeggar/Mag’har or Kurenai/Timbermaw for The Diplomat) but I’ve never been fond enough of the Nether Drake models enough to want to become Exalted with them. Although, I hear that it only takes about 3 days of dailies nowadays…
  9. Finished Vashj’ir questlines. I hate swimming and quests that involve being underwater. This stems to all other games, too. Back when I was obsessed with Square Enix’s Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts, my most hated zone in KH ever was Atlantica because of the super un-friendly movement options. When I arrived in Vashj’ir for the first time, my thoughts were “You’ve got to be kidding me…”
  10. Role-playing on a real RP server. This is probably one of the biggest things that I’ve never done. A few years ago, I attempted to roll a character on Kirin Tor (RP), and even downloaded FlagRSP as a starter addon. It just wasn’t fun trying to RP alone and it’s never really sparked my interest since.

That was a tad depressing to list all of those failed to-do’s. :( I’ll have to think of all my long and short-term goals and compile a real bucket list that I’d like to get around to working on at some point!

Week 2 Challenge: Why Do You Do What You Do

Sorry, I simply couldn’t resist. It just had to be done!

I recently found Ambermist’s Newbie Blogger Initiative Weekly Challenges over at Battle Chicken. Sadly, I missed last week’s challenge topic about building your own boss, but I’ll definitely try to keep up with the upcoming topics and highly recommend fellow new bloggers to check it out!

Week 2 Challenge: Why do you do what you do?

I’ll answer this challenge as “Why do you play?” There’s so many things I love about WoW, and the things that amuse me that I have fun with far outweigh the sometimes-frustrations of the game. Here are 5 reasons (or random things) that keep me playing.

  1. My Characters – I’m pretty attached to all of my characters, especially those that I’ve spent xx-day’s worth of /played time on. While I don’t play on an RP server, each of my characters definitely have their own personality and vibe when I play on them. I love them all dearly! My only complaint? Wtb moar character space, plzkthx! I’d even pay $25 for an extra space. Not kidding!
  2. Self-Improvement & Learning – I’m always trying to improving myself and my characters — whether it’s respeccing my talents, improving my gear, maxing out profs, or even achievement hunting. Although I’ve retired from raiding (minus LFR) and play less, I still push to have my characters the best that I can possibly make them within my ability. There’s always room for improvement, and I’m always ready to learn more.
  3. The Small Things – I like all the detailed, small things in-game. I’ve leveled Archaeology to the max on three characters and have Associate Professor/Professor on two. I wish there were more Archy achievements! I love fishing and cooking also. Needs moar recipes! I’m so excited about cooking in MoP! I’m constantly amused by the tiny details, from the multitudes of different consumables found in-game, NPC interactions, all the critters, exploring and viewing scenery….and more. Yay for  being easily distracted! ;)
  4. Healing – I’ll probably write about healing in more detail in the future, but it really is one of my favorite things to do in the game. Friends know me for heal spamming random people when I get bored. (Sorry, unsuspecting target!) I love how reactive it is, especially how we have to overview the whole raid but also manage priorities and/or heal assignments. I’ve always loved the “behind the scenes” kind of feel I get in all settings, too. In conjunction with #1, I’m always working towards becoming the best healer that I can be, no matter what character I’m healing on. (I even have bandages-spec ready on my rogue, ok? Just kidding…sort of! I have had to bandage a tank on a Hour of Twilight boss once, but that’s a story for another day.)
  5. Friends, Family & Guild(s) – And of course, the biggest motivations to keep playing are friends and (sometimes) family that decide to join me in my adventures in Azeroth and beyond! Without them or my guilds, I don’t know who I’d tell my dumb jokes to and spaz about silly things. Sometimes I’ll even just get on to chat with guildies, RealID friends, etc. while I’m working on other things in real life. To me, it’s a great way to keep in touch with people I don’t see face-to-face on a regular basis!

There are a lot more things I could list that I enjoy about WoW, but those are probably the most important ones! I do sometimes get bored of the game, but not for long. Those times are just my cue to take a quick break and do other things, but I always end up coming back to play eventually, and I expect to continue playing for quite a while. :)