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Top Three Most Loved Items

For this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, Cymre from Bubbles of Mischief suggested:

What are the top three items on your main that you just love for sentimental, fun or silly reasons and would hate to lose? Tell us a story, what makes them so special and as always illustrate with screenshots.

My characters generally don’t have too much in their bags, aside having MS/OS/PvP gear already takes up most of the space. But with what room is left, I have a terrible habit of hoarding all sorts of trinkets (see: Rainbow Generator and Gus’ First Aid Kit to even old raid trinkets that I have a hard time tossing out like Grim Toll.) along with all the miscellaneous artifacts I’ve solved from Archaeology. (I like all the little toys in the game…it’s a growing problem!)

Here are the top three things that I’d hate to ever lose:

Landslide makes them even shinier…!

1. Fang of Oblivion – Yes, I know. The shiniest, sparkliest dagger of all. The first time I got to do the Algalon the Observer fight was during a PuG transmog run, and I swear by it when I say my rogue is my luckiest toon. The dagger dropped, and I won with a 94, beating out about 4-5 others. Offers were made to trade for it, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything! What’s strange is that I kept having it in my head that it was the spell dagger, Starshard Edge, but on closer glance at the stats, it was indeed the Agi one. Not that the stats mattered at that point, but it made me feel even more tingly with joy! Aside from me probably using this dagger model for a long while or until I tire of the shininess, I think the Algalon fight is one of my favorites in the game, and I only wish I could revisit it again. Reading this post from WoW Insider’s Know Your Lore really had me in even more awe.

Chalice of the Mountain Kings

2. Archaeology Toys – Okay, okay, I know this isn’t just one item. But it’s so hard for me to choose, and at times I’ll pop all of their cooldowns while standing around in a raid or dungeon, or even just waiting around. I’m not sure what’s more fun — having people ask where the sword-dancing dwarven ladies came from, or having another Archaeologist pop their Bones of Transformation at the same time! There was even once when I was in a random Hour of Twilight dungeon where a shaman and I would pop random artifacts in a kind of “go-fish” fashion while waiting for the RP events. Ancient Amber? Nope, go fish! Fun times, fun times.

Maybe one too many…

3. Hallowed Wands – Halloween is my favorite holiday, and my love for it stems in-game to Hallow’s End. I’m not sure when I decided it was a good idea, but I have a good assortment of all of the wands available (Bat, Leper Gnome, Ghost, Ninja, Pirate, Skeleton, Wisp) across my characters. It’s kind of embarassing. While my bank doesn’t look exactly like the screenshot over there, I’m sure it’d be similar if I combined the bank slots from all my alts. I have a few that have a couple charges used, so I really should take them out and use them. But I’m too sentimental and just don’t want to use them up…!

So there you have it! Now if only we had additional Void Storage or toy chest that would accommodate all of my trinkets and toys…

Week 3 Challenge: I can haz main?

Week 3 Challenge: What’s My Main Again?

In this week’s NBI Challenge, Ambermist asks us to talk about our main characters. This is an interesting topic to me because I have so many characters that I really enjoy playing, and it’s often hard for me to pinpoint just one specifically that I can dub my “main.”

“What, I’m not your main?!” she exclaims. Flabbergasted, the sad tree!druid proceeds to hit you with her branches!

For some people, their main is determined by whichever character they raid most frequently or collect achievements and so on. As such, I often referred to my paladin as my main during WotLK since I raided as a core healer and had the most achievements on her. But what happens to your main of several years when you shelve them for an  indefinite hiatus during the next expac? Such was the case after I witnessed a huge fallout with a new guild during Cata. Not going much into detail, but the guild was led abusively and poorly, where in the end the GM ragequit and server/faction transferred his entire army of toons. Motivation to keep playing? Not so much, especially since one of my best friends (a main tank in the raid group) felt the same and decided it was time for a break from the game. And so I rolled a new character on the other faction and my rogue was born.

Here we are at the end of Cata. If you asked me now who my main is, I’d still have difficulties in deciding. I no longer raid, apart from an occasional LFR (but I don’t really consider that the same, plus only my warlock really still needs gear from there). I tend to run achievements on my rogue, but overall point-wise she is about equal to my paladin, albeit different achievements. For the fun factor, Ninevi is definitely my goofball of choice. As for played time, my paladin still reigns supreme with ~68.5 days (1579 hrs), my rogue and lock around 25 days (600 hrs), and my druid at 12 days (288 hrs).

I guess now that I’ve played a significant amount of time at level cap with the above mentioned four characters, they comprise what I consider my “main group.” I’ve spent enough time with them to understand the classes and know what I’m doing right and wrong and where there’s room for improvement. During that time, each of them has grown to be extremely dear to me and I enjoy playing them all. The other day, I was talking to my friend Pneu (who recently started playing WoW) about how I had scribbled out some bio-sketches of my characters during lunch break at work. Was it silly of me? After all, I don’t even role play. (It’s perhaps the one last thing I’ve yet to experience in my WoW career!) After some thought, I decided…no. It’s not really that absurd. WoW is an MMORPG after all, and it makes sense that I’ve played so much of each of my characters that they’ve developed their own personality and become who they are. I went ahead and created an introductory page to my characters linked at the top of my blog just for this purpose. While I’ll save this blog post from being too long and reiterating the character page, feel free to visit the above link if you’d like to continue reading and meet my four main characters! :)

Ninevi’s WoW Ironman Challenge

I’ve thought about starting my own WoW Ironman Challenge character before, but finally got on the move and created the toon today. For those unfamiliar to the challenge, here it is in a nutshell: it’s a personal challenge where you level a character 1-85 wearing grey/white gear with no talent points, no help from party/guild, no professions, no dungeons, and more. Most importantly? No deaths. If you die, you’re disqualified, but you can re-roll your character back to level 1 to retry. Back in February, the world-wide first WoW Ironman was announced — Kripparrian (Lv85 Troll Hunter) from my very own home realm, US-Turalyon! Woo-hoo! And so here I am today, giving my own try at the challenge.

Despite wanting to roll a character on Turalyon, my character space was all filled due to altoholism. I decided to roll on one of my previous homes, Greymane. It’s PvE (yay, no ganking!) and medium population (unless it’s changed much since ’09!) so not too  many people who I’d have to encounter or compete against in leveling areas. Choosing a realm was relatively easy. Here came the hard part — picking a class. By far, the most commonly picked Ironman Challenge class is hunter. It’s completely understandable, as they’re a ranged class with high survivability to begin with…and a pet to boot! I considered a hunter, but it’s one of the last classes (besides warrior) I’ve yet to level as an alt. I’d like to level one for fun another time.

I noticed there weren’t too many cloth-wearing classes on the challengers list, but the only clothie I’d want to challenge as would be a priest. And I have two of those already. In the end, I decided on a paladin since I’m so familiar with the class but still enjoy playing. Plus, after having race changed my 85 paladin again (my pally has somewhat of an identity disorder), I kind of miss playing as Tauren. So here’s to a new baby cowadin for the Challenge! Feel free to come by and say hello to Ninevi on Greymane!

For now, I won’t really set any deadlines that I want to meet, but maybe hoping to get to at least Lv10 this weekend so I’ll actually show up on the challengers list. The Ironman Challenge won’t be of high priority for me, but it’s definitely something I’ll work on gradually and hope to finish at some point. I’ll update once I reach leveling milestones and such.  And if I happen to die then well…we’ll see when that happens and go from there! :P

Week 2 Challenge: Why Do You Do What You Do

Sorry, I simply couldn’t resist. It just had to be done!

I recently found Ambermist’s Newbie Blogger Initiative Weekly Challenges over at Battle Chicken. Sadly, I missed last week’s challenge topic about building your own boss, but I’ll definitely try to keep up with the upcoming topics and highly recommend fellow new bloggers to check it out!

Week 2 Challenge: Why do you do what you do?

I’ll answer this challenge as “Why do you play?” There’s so many things I love about WoW, and the things that amuse me that I have fun with far outweigh the sometimes-frustrations of the game. Here are 5 reasons (or random things) that keep me playing.

  1. My Characters – I’m pretty attached to all of my characters, especially those that I’ve spent xx-day’s worth of /played time on. While I don’t play on an RP server, each of my characters definitely have their own personality and vibe when I play on them. I love them all dearly! My only complaint? Wtb moar character space, plzkthx! I’d even pay $25 for an extra space. Not kidding!
  2. Self-Improvement & Learning – I’m always trying to improving myself and my characters — whether it’s respeccing my talents, improving my gear, maxing out profs, or even achievement hunting. Although I’ve retired from raiding (minus LFR) and play less, I still push to have my characters the best that I can possibly make them within my ability. There’s always room for improvement, and I’m always ready to learn more.
  3. The Small Things – I like all the detailed, small things in-game. I’ve leveled Archaeology to the max on three characters and have Associate Professor/Professor on two. I wish there were more Archy achievements! I love fishing and cooking also. Needs moar recipes! I’m so excited about cooking in MoP! I’m constantly amused by the tiny details, from the multitudes of different consumables found in-game, NPC interactions, all the critters, exploring and viewing scenery….and more. Yay for  being easily distracted! ;)
  4. Healing – I’ll probably write about healing in more detail in the future, but it really is one of my favorite things to do in the game. Friends know me for heal spamming random people when I get bored. (Sorry, unsuspecting target!) I love how reactive it is, especially how we have to overview the whole raid but also manage priorities and/or heal assignments. I’ve always loved the “behind the scenes” kind of feel I get in all settings, too. In conjunction with #1, I’m always working towards becoming the best healer that I can be, no matter what character I’m healing on. (I even have bandages-spec ready on my rogue, ok? Just kidding…sort of! I have had to bandage a tank on a Hour of Twilight boss once, but that’s a story for another day.)
  5. Friends, Family & Guild(s) – And of course, the biggest motivations to keep playing are friends and (sometimes) family that decide to join me in my adventures in Azeroth and beyond! Without them or my guilds, I don’t know who I’d tell my dumb jokes to and spaz about silly things. Sometimes I’ll even just get on to chat with guildies, RealID friends, etc. while I’m working on other things in real life. To me, it’s a great way to keep in touch with people I don’t see face-to-face on a regular basis!

There are a lot more things I could list that I enjoy about WoW, but those are probably the most important ones! I do sometimes get bored of the game, but not for long. Those times are just my cue to take a quick break and do other things, but I always end up coming back to play eventually, and I expect to continue playing for quite a while. :)