Flask Half-Empty

ramblings about warcraft, other games, & randomness


About The Blog

Flask Half-Empty is a WoW-centric blog, with posts dabbling in almost everything from transmogrification, random in-game finds, to my love and addiction for alts. The name is a play off of the phrase “glass half empty,” as Ninevi can often be a very skeptical druid about everything! Other inside jokes and references to flasks used in alchemy/chemistry may possibly be included. This blog is mainly for self reflection and for sharing stories of Ninevi and friends’ adventures through Azeroth and beyond. Guides and tutorial posts may come in the future.

About The Author

Ninevi is the name of my druid, the first character I ever created and enjoyed enough to level past 10. Originally a Night Elf, she race-changed to a more personsality-fitting Worgen towards the end of Cataclysm. My former main character was a holy/prot paladin on Horde, of whom I would always do everything on. As of patch 5.0.4 where achievements, pets, and mounts are shared account-wide, I no longer have a real main character. Ninevi now serves as my persona and the leader of my small army of alts! :)

Outside of WoW, I’m a former research scientist turned math & science teacher. I love seeing kids getting excited about those two subjects! :) Apart from that, I’m a classically trained pianist at heart, but I honestly enjoy almost any kind of music. Some other things I enjoy include coffee, sleeping, cuddling (and bothering) my kitten, hiking, snow, graphics design, and photography.

You can find me via:

Twitter@ninevie // Email – ninevisaur at gmail dot com // BattleTag – Ninevi#1150

Feel free to drop me a line anytime! I love meeting people and making new friends! Please include a small note about who you are though, so I don’t think you’re a stranger. See ya around! :)


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