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Ninevi’s WoW Ironman Challenge

I’ve thought about starting my own WoW Ironman Challenge character before, but finally got on the move and created the toon today. For those unfamiliar to the challenge, here it is in a nutshell: it’s a personal challenge where you level a character 1-85 wearing grey/white gear with no talent points, no help from party/guild, no professions, no dungeons, and more. Most importantly? No deaths. If you die, you’re disqualified, but you can re-roll your character back to level 1 to retry. Back in February, the world-wide first WoW Ironman was announced — Kripparrian (Lv85 Troll Hunter) from my very own home realm, US-Turalyon! Woo-hoo! And so here I am today, giving my own try at the challenge.

Despite wanting to roll a character on Turalyon, my character space was all filled due to altoholism. I decided to roll on one of my previous homes, Greymane. It’s PvE (yay, no ganking!) and medium population (unless it’s changed much since ’09!) so not too  many people who I’d have to encounter or compete against in leveling areas. Choosing a realm was relatively easy. Here came the hard part — picking a class. By far, the most commonly picked Ironman Challenge class is hunter. It’s completely understandable, as they’re a ranged class with high survivability to begin with…and a pet to boot! I considered a hunter, but it’s one of the last classes (besides warrior) I’ve yet to level as an alt. I’d like to level one for fun another time.

I noticed there weren’t too many cloth-wearing classes on the challengers list, but the only clothie I’d want to challenge as would be a priest. And I have two of those already. In the end, I decided on a paladin since I’m so familiar with the class but still enjoy playing. Plus, after having race changed my 85 paladin again (my pally has somewhat of an identity disorder), I kind of miss playing as Tauren. So here’s to a new baby cowadin for the Challenge! Feel free to come by and say hello to Ninevi on Greymane!

For now, I won’t really set any deadlines that I want to meet, but maybe hoping to get to at least Lv10 this weekend so I’ll actually show up on the challengers list. The Ironman Challenge won’t be of high priority for me, but it’s definitely something I’ll work on gradually and hope to finish at some point. I’ll update once I reach leveling milestones and such.  And if I happen to die then well…we’ll see when that happens and go from there! :P

6 responses to “Ninevi’s WoW Ironman Challenge

  1. Syp 05/13/2012 at 11:36 am

    Welcome to blogging and the NBI! Have fun and let us know if you have any questions!

  2. Elunamakata 05/14/2012 at 9:15 am

    This idea keeps intriguing me…but, I’ve got a bucket list I’m working on at the moment. Maybe I’ll make my monk an iron man!

  3. JD Kenada 05/22/2012 at 10:08 pm

    I call `em Tauradins. The first Paladin I ever rolled past twenty and I’m so in love with Saintvache it isn’t funny.

    I touched on it in one of my posts as a few people have asked me why I’ve not put my foot in the Ironman Challenge as it’s the kind of crazy thing I would do…alas, there’s just SO much on my plate as it is. I’d do it, but it would get neglected. To you, and the other Ironman participants I follow in the blogosphere, best of luck and continued success on staying out of reach of the Spirit Healer. ;)

    • Ninevi 05/23/2012 at 7:17 am

      Thank you for the luck! :)

      I definitely understand about not having had time to start the challenge. With other new games out and other things to work on, I’ve kind of set the Ironman Challenge as a long-term, “I’ll try to work on it slowly, tiny bit by bit, whenever I get a chance” kind of goal. It may take me a year or two…but hopefully I can eventually finish it! :D

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