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The First

Oh my. Getting back into the groove of blogging after 4-5 years or so is quite interesting. Granted, back in the day I only posted entirely random rants about nothing of real importance on LiveJournal. Oh, the days of angsty rants about school and stupidity! After SixApart bought out the company, I lost motivation and no longer had much time for writing. It’s funny now to see so much social media being used everyday — *puts on hipster shades* — I really truly remember signing up for Twitter and Tumblr in their early stages, then abandoning them because I couldn’t find anyone else I knew there. Nobody had one!  Yet now it seems everyone has one, and I’m the one stumbling back towards remembering how things are done. It’s pretty silly. Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting old… :)

On that note,  The Newbie Blogger Initiative was the most fantastic discovery I found while browsing various MMO blogs this past week. I tend to consider myself a lurker in most forums and news articles. I read and observe — a lot. A disturbing lot, to the point where I sometimes I’ll have so many thoughts about different topics that I feel I could write a book. A recent close friend of mine started her adventures in Azeroth, and there has been so much information (game tips, bits of lore, personal experiences, and more) that I just want to share but can’t sanely possibly spam her chatbox any more in-game. (Sorry, friend, I don’t mean to keep critting you with walls of text while you’re desperately trying to quest!) But in reality, would I have the motivation or attention span to write a book? No, hardly feasible nor effective in my case. I’m not sure why it didn’t dawn on me to start a blog, either! Logic, I have none!

As evidenced in this post, I often fall into tangents, drabble on senselessly to the point of being verbose, and am easily distracted by shiny thi-ooh, what is that sparkling over that there yonder? I kid, I kid. Maybe.

But in all seriousness, I’m incredibly excited to have finally peeped in on the Blogosphere. I have no guarantee that my posts will be thoroughly riveting every time, but I’ll be more than thrilled to find other people who have shared similar experiences with me in the MMO universe. And at very least, I’ll be happiest that I’ve finally settled on somewhere to collect all my thoughts. At present, I’m working on an actual game-related post as well as finishing the info on the About page! So stay tuned…

Thank you again to Syp for starting the Initiative and for all of the supporters for giving us newbies motivation and encouragement!

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